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Bed Elivio Nr. 01

Bed with smart shape – the jewel of your interior. A bed of extraordinary beauty, functionality and strength. It has a glossy velvet finish with a silvery touch. The bed dimen­sions are intended for a mattress of 1800 x 2000 mm.
You can get the bed without the front face (Elivo no. 02 ).
A reinforcing beam with an additional leg supports the bed in the middle. We have the bed in stock.

You can find a description in the section: Catalogues – Elivio bed.

Price: upon request
The shipment includes delivery and assembly on your site.

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ARMS flag masts

We have prepared a comprehensive selection of table flag masts. You can choose a stainless design or different colour shades. We sell suspended and sleeve designs.

You will find the description in the section Catalogues – Stands.

Request our price list. E-mail us at office@idart.cz

Gifts: Forged rose and bell

Sometimes everyone is looking for the right gift. We have prepared a rose for you that will captivate the one you love. An amazing sense of detail and colour patina. We can immediately send you this neatly packaged.

The bell has a traditional shape, with a handle and crystal-clear sound. The finish is brushed and varnished, which makes the metal stand out perfectly.

You can find a description in the section: Catalogues – Rose, Bell

Article price 01 ROSA 659 CZK
Article price Bell 289 CZK

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